Your cat is pregnant?

Unless your cat spayed female was, one day you are probably going to find that she is pregnant. Even the best plans provided may go astray and that once you exit your cat is once you’ll fall in pregnancy.

You acknowledge that your cat will go into heat every two weeks if there is an unneutered tomcat around? That gives its abundance of opportunity to become pregnant.

To ensure that your cat remains healthy and has a free pregnancy problems, there are some things that you don’t have to know and what you can do to help.

Just as with humans, cats undergoes changes when pregnant. These changes will be physical and behavioral. The gestation period is approximately nine weeks, the changes will start about three weeks into pregnancy.

First off you will no longer be in heat. His nipples will begin to swell and ‘ pinking ‘ will occur as change color. These are usually the first obvious changes that enables you to know that your cat may be pregnant. You can start needing more food and seem to be always hungry. These are clues that can climb on. If you notice that puffy nipples, may wonder about the increased appetite and then find some other indicators.

Cats can and morning sickness, just like us. If you notice that your cat more often than usual vomiting and there are other symptoms, check her nipples to see if they are puffed up. If you have morning sickness, ensure that there is an abundance of fresh water and some biscuits available for her to eat.

Cats are called ‘ Queens ‘ while they are pregnant. You may notice that your cat in pregnancy becomes much more affectionate toward you. You may actively seek out for attention as needs reassurance that she is loved. If this is your cat’s first pregnancy, you can be sure of what is happening to your body.

About five weeks you should see her abdomen begin to swell with growing kittens. And just like with us, abdomen will continue to increase, as the puppies grow up at birth. With the progress of the pregnancy, she will start ‘ nesting ‘ find somewhere you feel safe to give birth. Depending on the relationship you have with your cat, you may want to be near you. One of my cats climbed into bed with me one night and snuggled down under doona. I don’t pay much attention until the next morning, when I heard a cold wet patches when I moved. He then proceeded to use my body to strain against as gave birth to five beautiful kittens. That was really a magic moment, having my cat trust me for such an important event.

Most cats will have a hassle free pregnancy and birth. Be aware of what is going on in case your cat needs help. With first litter of Rikki-tikki, her water broke some hours before the actual birth so that I needed to help us. Even if you are just stroking her and she speaking gently encouraging entry, this can be a big help. There are problems like eclampsia which can be life threatening. If your cat seems to be extremely upset in the final stages of pregnancy, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Being aware of what is happening with your cat before and during pregnancy and making sure you have enough food of good quality available as well as the love and attention, should be blessed with a litter of kittens beautiful healthy.

However, if these beautiful kittens were not laid down, have your cat spayed, not just the veteran advises after pregnancy.

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